Cassey Kroger

Cassey Kroger has been a Life Stream Australia member for over 5 years and is currently being supported to complete a Certificate 3 in Companion Animal Services at Grovely Tafe.  Cassey and her Program Officer, Louie, attend a practical class on hydrobathing and dog grooming. Cassey is very confident and capable with dogs (one of her favourite animals) and is doing very well in all aspects of the course. Cassey is so dedicated to her studies, that last year, Cassey began a Numeracy and Literacy course with Southbank TAFE, which, including her Cert 3 in Animal Services, makes her a full-time student.

At the beginning of 2014, Cassey was accepted as a volunteer with the RSPCA, working with dogs, cats and a variety of other animals. It is a very prestigious position with many applicants on waiting lists for years. We are all very proud of the effort Cassey has put into her studies and hope that the rest of the year continues to shine on her.

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Tracy Hyslop

Tracy Hyslop
Aged 29
Location Mackay

Tracy has been with Life Stream Australia for 4 years.  When Tracy first became a member of Life Stream Australia, she was a very shy and introverted person. Tracy was using Life Stream for overnight support, assistance with life skills like making appointments and staying motivated. Often Tracy would want her Life Stream... Read More