Tracy Hyslop

Tracy Hyslop
Aged 29
Location Mackay

Tracy has been with Life Stream Australia for 4 years.  When Tracy first became a member of Life Stream Australia, she was a very shy and introverted person. Tracy was using Life Stream for overnight support, assistance with life skills like making appointments and staying motivated. Often Tracy would want her Life Stream Australia Program Officers to talk for her as she didn’t have the confidence within herself to talk to others. One of Tracy’s goals was to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


Currently Tracy has the skills to catch public transport independently to and from work 3 days a week, and occasionally catches the bus to the city to meet her Program Officers. Tracy has gone from a size 24 to a size 12 through exercising and making healthier life choices. This has helped increase her self confidence. Tracy no longer requires overnight support and no longer needs people to talk on her behalf!


When Tracy was asked how her life has changed since becoming a member of Life Stream Australia, she stated “I’m much happier. I was a total mess in my head back then, I’m a lot lighter and more flexible, I’m learning to think things through and control myself better”.

Tracy uses the other 2 days of the week to focus on improving her reading and writing skills so she can pursue her interest in healthy living and fitness, and teach others that they have the ability to change their life also. “I’m not going back to that person, no way, never again!”

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