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Club Linking

Are you interested in joining a local sport or recreation club? Life Stream Australia offers a Club Linking service where we assist individuals in identifying their interests and linking them with the activity/sport of their choice within their community. This could be from playing the game, becoming a member through to volunteering. From sign on through the first few weeks of participation Life Stream Australia staff will be there for support.

If you are interested in accessing this service please complete the Club Linking Registration Form and return to the Brisbane Life Stream Australia office. For further information about Club Linking services please contact Phoebe Lennox at Life Stream Australia on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07 3394 4399.

Events: local, state, national and international

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Sue Fleming Sports Award

A Life Stream Australia award presented to an athlete from Queensland with an intellectual disability who has demonstrated outstanding performance and sportsmanship in their chosen sport.

Each year Life Stream Australia honours the late Sue Fleming for her outstanding commitment and dedication to inclusion in sport by presenting an award to an elite athlete with an intellectual disability. The award will go to an individual from Queensland who has demonstrated outstanding performance in their chosen sport and who represents great sportsmanship qualities.

Please contact the Life Stream Australia Brisbane office for information about the 2015 award.

Elite Sport & Classification

All people wishing to compete as an athlete with an intellectual disability must complete the appropriate eligibility forms and attach the required supporting documentation to get a Classification. For athletes with an intellectual disability there is only one class they can be Classified in and every person regardless of the type of intellectual disability they have, is assigned the same Classification and must meet the same criteria.

For information about Paralympic Classification please follow these links:

  • Click here to view the LEXI guide, a simple graphical explanation of classification.
  • Click here for a detailed description of sport-specific classification systems.

Community Sport Programs (any school age) - South East Qld & Rockhampton

Inter School Programs: A great way for students to meet other students and an excellent opportunity for teachers to network. Eg: AFL, Broncos. Programs may be Multi-week or one-off.

Individual School Programs: Want to try a new sport? We can organise coaches, equipment and a venue for your students to participate in a new sport program. Alternatively, Life Stream staff can run skills development sessions in school hours. Programs may be Multi-week or one-off.


Group Sport Programs (16yrs +)

Life Stream Australia offers Group Sport Programs in the quarterly Spirit Newsletter. Some sport programs are run on a weekly/fortnightly basis like Futsal, Fitness and Basketball. Some sport programs are offered on a monthly basis like Ten Pin and Lawn Bowls.


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Member Profile of The Quarter!

Cassey Kroger

Cassey Kroger has been a Life Stream Australia member for over 5 years and is currently being supported to complete a Certificate 3 in Companion Animal Services at Grovely Tafe.  Cassey and her Program Officer, Louie, attend a practical class on hydrobathing and dog grooming. Cassey is very confident and capable with dogs (one of her favourite animals) and is doing very well in all aspects of the course. Cassey is so dedicated to her studies,... Read More