Individualised Support Services

Individualised Support Services

Individualised support is available to enable access and integration in community based recreation leisure, physical activity and independent living. Members receiving this support are involved in their own decision making and planning process, with Program Officers supporting them to achieve their goals.

Life Stream Australia can auspice funding packages in all regions. Discuss with us how many hours support you would like, your personal goals and activities you would enjoy. Packages may include:

  • Adult Lifestyle Support Program
  • Post School Services Program
  • Institutional Reform
  • Young Adults Exiting the Care of the State (YACS)
  • Community Living Initiative
  • Respite
  • Accommodation Support
  • Block Funded Programs

In order to access services through Life Stream Australia, you will need to undertake an assessment through Disability Services. Please contact our office for further information.

Alternatively User Pays programs can be arranged directly through Life Stream Australia. Upon request of a User Pays program, your needs will be discussed and a quote will be provided.

For more information about Life Stream Australia’s Individualised Support services, please contact the Life Stream office in your area.

Member Profile of The Quarter!

Tracy Hyslop

Tracy Hyslop
Aged 29
Location Mackay

Tracy has been with Life Stream Australia for 4 years.  When Tracy first became a member of Life Stream Australia, she was a very shy and introverted person. Tracy was using Life Stream for overnight support, assistance with life skills like making appointments and staying motivated. Often Tracy would want her Life Stream... Read More