Group Leisure & Holidays

Holidays & Weekends Away

Everyone needs a holiday from time to time, and as a result demand for Life Stream Australia Holidays is growing each year. Life Stream Australia Holidays provide members with the opportunity to travel in an organised, supported environment with their peers. All the coordination of the holiday is carried out by Life Stream Australia, all members need to do is pack their bags!

Life Stream Australia Holidays are open to members 18 years and over (16 yrs+ for Weekends Away). Holidays and Weekends Away are designed for members with lower support needs and support is provided by Life Stream Australia volunteers.

Some past Life Stream Australia holiday destinations include;

  • USA – Disneyland, Vegas and San Francisco
  • African Safari – staying at Kruger National Park
  • Various P&O cruises – North Queensland, South Pacific Islands, Asia
  • Honolulu Hawaii
  • Fiji
  • New Zealand Skiing Trip
  • Japan
  • Longreach via Travel Train Holidays
  • Road Trip to Dubbo Western Plains Zoo
  • Gold Coast Theme Park Blitz!
  • Northern Queensland Camping Trip
  • Tweed River House Boat Trip
  • Northern Territory Outback Adventure

Life Stream Australia generally runs one domestic and one international holiday each year, and one weekend away each quarter. However, with the growing demand for holidays we are always open to the possibility of increasing opportunities for members. Life Stream Australia is always looking for suggestions from members and their support networks on new and exciting holiday destinations. If you have any suggestions or would like more information on Life Stream Australia Holidays, please contact Kim Usher on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone 07 3394 4399.

Group Leisure Programs

Life Stream Australia’s Group Leisure Programs are for members aged 16 years and over.  Programs predominantly run on weekends and support is provided by Life Stream Australia volunteers. These programs are geared towards people with lower support needs, however people with higher support needs are in most cases welcome to come along - they may just have to bring their own carer.

A wide range of activities are available to members and presented via a quarterly Spirit Newsletter. Activities may include; Fitness sessions, Gold Coast theme parks, bushwalking, social sporting activities, Broncos/Lions games, beach and BBQ trip to Sunshine/Gold Coast, craft, monthly movie outings, whale watching, social dinners and much more.

Life Stream Australia Group Leisure Programs provide an opportunity for members to access community based activities in a safe, supported environment. Members have an opportunity to meet new people, broaden their friendship circle whilst developing and learning new skills. All whilst having a fantastic time!

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