Kylie Noy

Life Stream Australia has hundreds of members across Queensland, each with their own story to tell. Here are a few facts about one of our members, Kylie Noy.

5 things you didn’t know about…
Kylie Noy!

  1. Kylie is 40 years old and has been a Member of Life Stream Australia since 2001. Kylie recently celebrated her 40th birthday (17 August 2012) at a party with family and friends   
  2. Kylie’s is a devoted  Brisbane Broncos supporter and her favourite player is Corey Parker
  3. Kylie works at Mach 1 and has been working there for an amazing 24 years! Kylie loves her job and still has the same strong enthusiasm for work as she did all those years ago!  
  4. Kylie loves going for holidays to Cairns to stay with her Aunty and Uncle.
  5. Kylie has one older brother and one younger brother and sister. Kylie also the proud Aunty to 4 nieces and loves to spend time with them. 

If you see Kylie out and about, or on a Life Stream Australia program, introduce yourself and say hello!

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Tracy Hyslop
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