Life Stream Australia Membership

As an Incorporated Association, Life Stream Australia is owned by its financial members. Financial members have voting rights and can be individuals or families. Non-financial members have no voting rights and can be schools, organisations and staff.  

Individuals must become a member of Life Stream Australia before they can commence accessing services. Only current financial members of Life Stream Australia are eligible to access Life Stream Australia services (with the exception of those who are eligible for complimentary membership).

Financial Members of Life Stream Australia will receive a hard copy of the quarterly Spirit Newsletter, access to Life Stream Australia programs and voting rights at our AGM.

If you would like more information about becoming a Life Stream Australia member, please contact your nearest Life Stream Australia office. You can also download the latest copy of the Life Stream Australia Member’s Guide here.

Annual Membership Fees

Membership is charged on an annual basis due on the 1st of July as per the following structure:

  • Individual Membership - $30.00 inc GST                               
  • Family Membership - $40.00 inc GST
  • Organisational / Schools - Complimentary

New members to Life Stream Australia are charged on a pro-rata basis in line with the table below; 

Joining Month Fee Payable Family Membership
July / Aug / Sep
$30.00 inc GST
$40.00 inc GST
Oct / Nov / Dec
$22.50 inc GST $30.50 inc GST
Jan / Feb / Mar
$15.00 inc GST
$20.00 inc GST
Apr / May / Jun
$7.50 inc GST
$10.50 inc GST
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